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Aviation insurance designed for you

At Forest Insurance, we work with each client individually to find a policy that matches their unique needs. Whether you’re a business or an individual, we’ll find the right policy for you.

Types of aviation insurance from Forest Insurance

Forest Insurance in Illinois has personal and business aviation insurance policies. Some of the policies we sell include:

  • Insurance for owner-flown single-engine aircraft
  • Insurance for owner-flown multi-engine aircraft
  • Insurance for aerobatic aircraft, including air shows and competitions
  • International aerobatic clubs
  • Experimental aircraft associations

Forest Insurance also has insurance policies for organizations that offer:

  • Aerial sightseeing
  • Airport services
  • Hangar services
  • Rental planes
  • Flying clubs
  • Warbirds
  • Banner towing
  • Agricultural services
  • Fixed-base operator services
  • Aerial photography

We clearly have experience working with pilots and service providers in many areas of aviation.

Choosing the aviation insurance coverage you need

The type of aviation insurance coverage that you need can depend on several factors, including whether you own your own aircraft, how much the craft costs, and whether you use the aircraft for business purposes.

Forest Insurance can help you choose a policy that best matches your needs and level of liability. We have close relationships with many of the pilots we insure, many of whom have been buying policies from Forest Insurance since the agency started. You can trust us to give you the best service possible.

How we stand out from other agencies

Many insurance agencies won’t offer aviation insurance because they see it as a big risk. We’re comfortable talking about the advantages and disadvantages of policies because we have worked with these policies for decades.

When you want a knowledgeable, trustworthy insurance agent who can help you find a reliable policy, go to Forest Insurance. Call us today at 800-536-2011 for more information or fill out our handy online form.

Companies represented (aviation)

  • AIG Aerospace (Chartis)
  • Allianz Aviation Managers
  • Berkley Aviation
  • Global Aerospace
  • Hallmark Aerospace Insurance Managers
  • London Aviation Underwriters Inc.
  • National Hangar Insurance Program (Travelers)
  • Old Republic Aerospace (formerly Phoenix Aviation Managers, Inc.)
  • QBE Aviation
  • Star Aviation
  • US Specialty Insurance Company
  • W. Brown & Associates
  • XL Insurance
  • Acceleration Aviation Underwriters
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