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Referral Program

Go Ahead and Brag

We just LOVE it when customers brag about us. And now those brags are worth even more! Forest’s robust referral program just got even better—we’ve doubled our referral charity donation from $10 to $20!!

This means that by telling others about your great experience with Forest Insurance, you’ll not only impress them with your smart choices (by getting the best insurance for the best price), you’ll also generate $20 to a local charity in need!

So if you’re happy with the personalized service and tailored coverage you receive from Forest Insurance, please spread the word. For EVERY single referral you send us we will…

  • Donate $20 to our Charity of the Quarter
  • Send you a $10 gift card;
  • Enter your name into our quarterly drawing for a $100 gift card!

But wait, there’s more. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can send us, and the lucky person you’ve referred is under no obligation to purchase their insurance from us—they just need to bring us their policies for a review (and let us know who referred them).

2021 Charities of the Quarter

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